Tuesday, April 03, 2007

But Why On Earth Should I Moan?

It looked (briefly) in London yesterday like we would be basking this whole pre-Easter week in warm, quasi-Mediterranean sunshine (18c!), but I see the old April grey is back with us this morning. *sigh*

Still, the happy anticipation of an extended Bank Holiday weekend and a temporary respite from work is still tangible...and it'll only take the sun to return for the good citizens of this fair city to spill once more onto the pavements and terraces outside the evening pubs and bars, and all shall be well again.

Which brings us to this song, which I found on emusic and couldn't resist. Not so much a cover as a complete re-invention, leaving only the barest bones of the original intact.

Lovely though, as I hope you'll agree.

Joyce (& Banda Maluca) - 'A Hard Day's Night' (2003)
(From Just A Little Bit Crazy - available here)


  1. oooh what a cracker - i've only got the feminina lp from back in the talkin loud dingwalls days...
    i've got a big sergio mendes bit planned along these lines...


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