Monday, April 23, 2007

This Boy

His missus is getting all the plaudits at the moment, and deservedly so - and of course he's an established dance music producer, DJ and record label owner now, but something in the air this morning, a whiff of melancholy in an overcast moment, makes me want to play these songs from the days when Ben Watt was 21, an investment of 99p got you Pillows & Prayers, and North Marine Drive was playing in my best friend's rented room in Whalley Range.

It was after punk and it was after post-punk and as someone said at the time it was 'our generation's quiet music'.

Excuse me, but I think I might have to have a little cry now.

Ben Watt 'On Box Hill' (1983)
Ben Watt 'Some Things Don't Matter' (1983)


  1. Lovely. Have you read Ben's book 'Patient'? It's excellent, really really worth hunting out.

  2. Hey Crash, have heard about it, but not read it. Will check it out - top tip, thanks.

  3. And how simple those days were. Ben Watt, Tracey Thorn and a rented room in Whalley Range @ £11 per week (including bills). Marvellous!

  4. £11 per week! Spent more than that on ONE round of drinks at the boozer t'other day! And you tell young people that today and they won't believe you.

  5. Was This Boy the name of a Ben Watt track? I seem to remember it from a free album that came with vouchers from the Record Mirror?

  6. ...Some Things Don't Matter ... worked it out myself!

  7. Correctamundo. Also available on 'Pillows & Prayers', re-released this year.


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