Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Leaks - A Morality Tale

Hard gigging unsigned band give away demo CDs at concerts that enthusiastic fans upload and share. Few fans become many fans, as more and more hear the MP3s, go to the gigs, tell their friends - and momentum gathers. Gigs grow and grow. Surviving UK Famous Music Weekly weighs in, loudly endorsing band, balance is tipped. Band release album featuring tracks fans already own for free - they buy them all again anyhow. Band now huge. Even broadsheet journos and fortysomething fathers of two (wotcha!) know who they are, and own their records. Brilliantly, success does NOT go to band's head. Band focuses on more hard gigging, writing, and recording much anticipated second album ('Second Coming or Morning Glory?' asks Famous Music Weekly...).

Album tracks are widely leaked on blogosphere.

But this time the lawyers are watching....

Oh dear.

Have we forgotten something somewhere Mr Man?

* * *

This is, I think, rather brilliant - more 'love it from the first time you hear it' than the other tracks I've heard, and so probably the next single.

I shall be posting this, my dears, for 48 hours only.

To encourage you, needless to say, to buy the album. Like you wouldn't!

Arctic Monkeys - 'Flourescent Adolescent' (2007)

PS: Working too hard this week - but hope to be back for some Friday Funk, and then all things shall be well. Missing you already x.


  1. ooooh friday funk , that sounds good.
    see you friday x

  2. Count me in as well, please.

    And I promise - no more disco records will get hurt ever again.

  3. Just send 'em on to me Colin. Not Ottawan though. I draw the line at Ottawan.

  4. Imagination?

    (I think it was one of their 7" singles that got a little, er, hurt...)

  5. surely it's Leeeeeeeeee John.


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