Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I haven't heard the rest of the album, so am prepared to accept that Mr Toad may be justified in his rather impressively bilious rant about producer Mark Ronson's covers project, but I have to say that I find this track, at least, to be rather bloody marvellous.

And I don't even like The Zutons original. Or The Zutons much at all, come to that.

I do however, love La Winehouse.

And though you couldn't move on the blogosphere without tripping over posts from Back To Black (buy) a few months ago, all the zeitgeisty types responsible have moved on to cut a new edge somewhere else now.

Meanwhile in my distinctly unzeitgeisty and today slightly Eeyore-esque hollow, I still have the album on rotation and this further collaboration with its producer is a very nice little adjunct, ta very much.

Mark Ronson (feat. Amy Winehouse) - 'Valerie' (2007)


  1. i still find it tricky to tell the difference between her songs. and they get a bit moany. 'take the box' was a gem, and rehab is clearly 'genius', and we love her to pieces, but i couldn't play her lp all the way through.
    if you can find her thing on elms's listed londoner thingy find it. she turned up with her dad and gave us one of the best half hours radio ever.
    it might be on the bbc london site somewhere.

  2. I heard that online when they did it, it was great.

    An old college mate of mine is related to her (cousin).

  3. Hey Lee, friends of relatives of the Winehouses always welcome here!

    Ally - these days I don't think I play many people's LPs all the way through (well, maybe Nick Drake on a Sunday morning...) - but I am knocking seven shades out of particular tracks. For me 'Tears Dry On Their Own' is BLISS (the 'He walks away, the sun goes down' chorus bit especially).

  4. Arriving late at this particular one, Dave (soz) and, although there is quite polarized debate over Mr Ronson's latest covers remix, I have to say that his penchant for horns turns this into a cracking Northern Soul-esque er, version, which absolutely dumps on the rather insipid original. Simply marvellous!

  5. I think I prefer that to the original as well actually - didn't hear that one when I previewed the album. Maybe it was just what he did to songs I actually like that was the problem.

  6. No justification needed, Matthew. His designs on Pretty Green, for example, are truly reprehensible (IMHO)!


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