Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Down At The Lido They Welcome You

Sunny days, lighter evenings, charcoal burning everywhere - but we live in England baby and it's only April, so we know it won't last.

Still, it's cocktail hour in London and something about The Dan is right for the mood.

A quintessential track this, I think - that lyric 'In the night you hide from the madman you're longing to be/But it all comes out on the inside/Eventually'....

And they could afford to leave songs like this off albums.

Such talent.

And I could go on about it and them and try to convert those of you who mistakedly believe that they represent the worst of 1970s FM AOR by extolling their considerable genius, but you know what? I'd really rather just play the music.

Steely Dan - 'Here At The Western World' (1976)

Buy Steely Dan here.


  1. i like the idea of anywhere you're welcomed with sausage and beer...

  2. And fabulously Ally, I believe it can sometimes be a single dish - i.e 'sausage' cooked in/with beer! Crikey!


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