Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shhh !

23 years ago when I was a student sharing a small terraced house in London's Turnpike Lane with a couple thousand cockroaches and a lot of flock wallpaper, I bought Miles Davis' In A Silent Way from the 'Record Tape & Video Exchange' in Notting Hill Gate. I liked Miles. I already had Kind Of Blue and Porgy And Bess. I had some Charlie Parker too! But this? I found it 'difficult'.

After a couple of days struggling with it, I took it back and swapped it (I don't even remember for what).

Yesterday I bought it for a fiver on remastered CD from Fopp Records, Cambridge Circus - The Best Record Store In Central London (Official!).

Now I am loving every inch of it.

I guess it's like my Dad said to me when I grimaced taking a sip of his Teacher's whisky at fifteen years of age... 'Some things are an acquired taste my son...'

I like whisky now too.

Maybe one day I'll be old enough to appreciate everything that's good...

Miles Davis - 'In A Silent Way' (1969) (Buy)

[PS: this edit is from Miles' Best Of: as cognoscenti will know, the full version tips without gap into 'It's About That Time' and is 19 mins long; but I don't think my bandwidth allowance is up to that.]


  1. 23 years ago i shared a terraced house in turnpike lane.
    would you adam n eve it.
    it was horrible.

  2. Yes, but let's persist with this ruse that we're total strangers, it makes for better blog copy.

  3. Interesting tale, Davy. I had a very similar experience with Bitches Brew. And BTW, I think I understood that rhyming slang from Ally, even though I'm a Yankee to the core... not bad, eh?

  4. Emmett, we'll make an honorary Londoner of you yet me old china.

  5. OK, you lost me with that one. :)


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