Monday, April 23, 2007

Nothing Less Than Brilliant - still

There is a great interview with the legendary and very lovely Sandie Shaw in yesterday's Observer Music Monthly in which she reflects on winning the Eurovision Song Contest forty years ago with 'Puppet On A String', a song she hated then and has hated ever since.
"A few years ago I started my website, as I thought it was something I could play with and it's the first time I've felt at home since the Sixties, because you can communicate directly with your audience. I'd moaned to Howard Jones [Eighties pop star/producer], an old friend of mine, about 'Puppet' and it was his idea to re-record it, to cure me. He just made me sing it in a different way. I know it sounds strange, but it's been like therapy. I'm at peace with it now"

Sandie Shaw - 'Puppet's Got A Brand New String' (2007)

The track is available free from Sandie's excellent self-managed site - and she's promising to post still more material there soon in continued celebration of her sixtieth year.

I can't think of many other living 60s pop stars who've been cool for four decades, can you?

Love her.

Buy Sandie's records here.


  1. i'm too scared to listen to that. i'm with sandie when it comes to puppet on a string, but think it's best left locked in a cupboard somewhere.

  2. Don't be scared Ally: just take a deep breath, right click and 'Save Target As' and let me know what you think...

    It's practically a different song! Really! Would I lie to you??

  3. It really is a different song, bordering on the sort of 'chill out' tune that I'd normally run a mile from but.. but it's puppet on a string! I like.


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