Thursday, May 24, 2007

Douze Points

Is this the best Eurovision winner ever ('Waterloo' included) ?

Number 2 in the UK, April 1972 (as 'Come What May') - but this is the original in French. Which won for Luxembourg. And was sung by a Greek. Living in Germany.

I like all that.

*sigh* I miss old time Eurovision...

Vicky Leandros - 'Apres Toi' (1972)


  1. Oh dear, looks like I will have to restore some street cred and get down with my homies after posting P*** F**** on 'Teenage Kicks' ;-). Er, Davy, (grovels pathetically), if you have 'that' mp3, my email is
    P.S. Vicky song. I had a thing about her ages back.

  2. Steve - check yer Inbox for the mighty Floyd.

    Loved Vicky too - reminds me of the excitement of the first cheap package holidays to 'the Continent' and table lamps made from old Mateus Rose bottles.

  3. I'm getting seriously worried Davy. Missing old-school Eurovision is a bit like missing toothache. Bloody painful at the time but you sort of forget about it later. Brotherhood of Man, Bucks Fizz, Black Lace even.(God thats trice inside a week I have mentioned their name - I need some therapy!)


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