Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Toto Post

Every joke reveals a hidden truth according to Sigmund Freud, or was it Clement?

Discussing a Dire Straits (!) post in comments over at the Tutu Vicar's The World Won't Listen recently I was moved to suggest that the famously scurrilous Toad should host a Toto Week soon. Oh, how we laughed!

And then I thought - hey, hang on a minute - that's not a bad idea...

Hadn't this US band, a by-word for bland, washed up 70s, session musician-led, coked-out, noodly keyboard bit, stadium bad hair soft rock AOR schlock (TM) actually been sampled by supercool NY dance DJ Roger Sanchez (saw him play the Pacha pre-party at Cafe Mambo in 05 maaaaan) for his chillout monster 'Another Chance'? Hadn't I already posted the Chicago-sampling Lemon Jelly groover 'Soft'? And hadn't I, dammit! when it comes down to it! ALWAYS, ALWAYS loved 'Africa' for reasons I cannot begin to fathom?*
*Well, it's a good tune with nice rhythms betraying the band members jazz/muso roots - I can imagine You're Under Arrest era Miles Davis covering it like he did 'Time After Time'.

Wouldn't it be a hoot to do a TOTO-THEMED POST?

Yes, yes, yes and oh, yes my friends.

Joy Division bootlegs, Pastels b-sides, lost 80s electropop, Great Northern, Orange Juice jazz funk Sarah Records art rock bloody Slowdive be damned! Let's GET DOWN to David Paich and The Boys!!


The sample
Roger Sanchez - 'Another Chance' (Afterlife mix) (2001)

The sampled (deep breath - this one could hurt)
Toto - 'I Won't Hold You Back' (1982)

The solid gold FM classic - no need for caution here
Toto - 'Africa' (1982)

And just for fun...
The famous line from The Wizard Of Oz (1939)

(Will you ever talk to me again?)


  1. Now don't you start knocking Toto you Philistines!

  2. I'll still talk to you. I've got Hold The Line on picture disc and Rosanna. Promise you won't tell anyone.

    Also, after my holiday, I might run with Tutu Vicar's "they weren't always sh*t" theme. There's a rich vein to be mined there.

  3. this is the kind of sick perverted filth i hang around here for.

  4. I don't know if I'm in awe or just very, very afraid.

  5. LMAO! I knew it, Dave, I just knew it - the sole reason for you starting your blog was to talk about 'Africa'. You couldn't wait any longer. All those funk and shoegaze postings have just been there to lull us into a false sense of security!! >(;o)
    If I download it, it'll just be between the two of us though, right?

  6. Vic - but no! Look at all the closet fans we've found! They're happier 'out' you know.

    Mick - that theme MUST run. 'Hold The Line' on picture disc? You TIGER.

    Ally - best blog comment ever.Will use it in all my marketing material henceforth x

    Matthew - I scared The Toad! I scared The Toad!

    M - HA! My extensive readership now has you nailed as a Toto lover! Your precious Siddeleys 45s cannot save you now! x

  7. A few months ago I walked passed a group of NYU students in Washington Square Park gathered around an acoustic guitar singing... Rosanna. There were big smiles on their faces as they sang "Meet you all the way!" In sum, Toto Lives.

  8. 'Rosanna'! Oh my fucking god. That had completely gone from my head and now it's back.

    I think I'm going to spend half term sorting out some 'Dad-Rock' posts in order to join this game.

  9. I remain unrepentant in the face of my other friends' jeers in my non-ironic love for the genius/monstrosity that is "Africa".

    "I Wont Hold You Back" seems to be coinciding with some acid reflux, though...

  10. Yes, it does that. Two Alka Seltzers and an early night for you young man.


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