Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day! May Day!

Shouldn't you be out marching against something? Or reviewing troops & military hardware? Or even dancing round a maypole for chrissakes?

Tchh! What's happened to May Day?

Elefant - 'Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid' (2004)

(I know next to nothing about this NY band, and the rest of their oeuvre may be tut for all that I am aware. I like this though. Buy on this).

According to The Oxford Literary Guide To The British Isles, 1977 edition (a book I am rarely without) the largest permanent maypole in London stood for many years at the corner of Drury Lane near the church of St Mary-Le-Strand. It was broken by a high wind in 1672 and taken down, occasioning these words years later from the Revd James Bramston in his 'Art Of Politics'.

What's not destroyed by Time's devouring hand?
Where's Troy, and where's the Maypole in the Strand?

Erudition you get here my friends. Erudition.


  1. the reason we are not marching my friend is that we have lost our political edge and have become a nation of navel-gazing blogging bints.

    Mark F Smith

  2. Hear Hear! Quite right! I'd like to associate myself with the remarks of the last speaker!

    (Now, back to my navel....)


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