Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Acting Out Your Own Death

Think we're all looking forward to this one: Anton Corbijn's monochrome film of Deborah Curtis's Touching From A Distance (which you should read, by the way). Expect film tie-in Joy Division promotional cut-outs at HMV, and 'Atmosphere' re-entering the download chart (if it isn't there already - does anyone, er, follow the download chart??).

Easy to forget that, even back then, Joy Division were bigger after Ian's death than before it - I don't think Radio Luxembourg were playing 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' before his suicide, but I certainly remember it fading in and out on that shaky frequency as a 'POWERPLAY!!' soon afterwards (every night after the 11 o'clock news and just before the ad for Cuticura Mildly Medicated Soap).

Peel, of course, had been there from the beginning - delivered the 'bad news, lads..', played 'New Dawn Fades'.

I loved them then, I love them still, and they get - not many bands do really - better still for me as I get older.

All that darkness was a Game back then, a Pose (not for Ian, that's for sure) - now it has resonance. I think only truly great art does that.

This is my favourite Joy Division song, if push comes to shove.

I hope it's well used by Corbijn - if ever there was a piece of soundtrack music looking for a film, this is it...

Joy Division - 'Shadowplay' (1979)

(from this, obviously)

I promise as soon as I've saved up my pennies for one of they USB turntable thingies, I'll upload my Live At The Paradiso Club Amsterdam bootleg too...


  1. I'll always remember Anton Corbijn for his amazing series of Tom Waits photos. Just about the best and most iconic that have ever been taken of the great man.

  2. Know the ones you mean. He has a great face to photograph, huh?

  3. In a weird sort of way yes. Handsome, no, but definitely rather photogenic.


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