Thursday, May 03, 2007

For The Rest Of Your Life

Just a quick one, can't stop.

Have you come across Great Northern yet? Colin at And Before The First Kiss tipped me off first: I've since found them all over the place. They're bloody marvellous.

Great Northern - 'Just A Dream' (2007)

Their MySpace is here; their album's Trading Twilight For Daylight and it's out on May 15th.

That's it! Will be back early tomorrow with a big funky Bank Holiday Friday post. Oh yes!


  1. With you on The Great Northern.

    And all praise (again) to Colin....

  2. Praise is due, amen.

    Good to know you still alive JC.

    Heard so much about 'Scotland Vote Fiasco'(sic) thought you mighta got Lost In The Count...


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