Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The 90s CD Singles Rummage # 3 - Sugar

The 4th single from the legendary ex-Husker Du singer/guitarist Bob Mould's 90s outfit, released in early 1993 and as fine a screed of grown up powerpop as you could possibly rip a wishbone for (c).

This is, apparently, the 4 Track Limited Digipak Edition (gasp!) featuring three Radio One session recordings, including a rougher take on the title song and a tune in 'Where Diamonds Are Haloes' written by bassist Dave Barbe which I have always loved in a way and for reasons I cannot quite explain (he can't really sing) . It might be something to do with having seen them do it live at about this time - a memorable highpoint in the most righteously furious but uplifting noisefest by a three-piece I had witnessed since The Jam.

May I suggest you play 'Change Your Mind' at top volume and several times over, screaming 'knickers' to the neighbours, for life is short?

Sugar - 'If I Can't Change Your Mind' (1992)
Sugar - 'The Slim' (Radio One session 24.08.92)
Sugar - 'If I Can't Change Your Mind' (Radio One session 24.08.92)
Sugar - 'Where Diamonds Are Haloes' (Radio One session 24.08.92)

[Do I play it now? The lead track, oh yes. 'The Slim' - er, no.]


  1. I shouted something a bit ruder.


    Because they are, trust me.

    Bob's new album is dazzling, apparently.

    Not heard it myself, though.

    I saw Sugar play and they were loud. Very loud. And Bob, actually, looked adorable.


  2. He is a cuddly grungemeister.

  3. i went and told them upstairs to turn that blledin racket down yesterday. and it was smokey robinsons greatest hits. i feel awful. i think i scared them silly cos we've not heard a peep since.
    i think i'm turning into my gran.

  4. bleedin' racket even.

    and i missed all this loud american lot courtesy of that nice gilles peterson man etc. bloody jazz.

  5. Well it is getting a bit white boys with guitars around here at the moment, I know. Apart from the proto-Balearic French indie electronica, obviously.

    Blledin Racket - small town in North Wales.

    Was it 'Being With You' that did it?

  6. I always thought the BBC session version was superior...

  7. I remember falling over myself with joy over this single and of course the wonderful Copper Blue album.
    I too still have the same digipak - I was told at the time it was one of those 'deleted on the day of release' limited editions.


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