Monday, January 14, 2008

The Words Had All Been Spoken

"And, yes, of course it was prejudice that had stopped me from listening to Jackson Browne. He wasn't a punk. He had a funny pudding-bowl haircut that wasn't very rock 'n' roll. He wrote 'Take It Easy', at a time when I didn't want to take it easy. And suddenly, there I was, aged forty-plus, lapping it all up....the best songs are simply beautiful, and beauty is a rare commodity, especially in pop music, so after a while anything that stops you from embracing it comes to seem self-injurious" - Nick Hornby, 31 Songs

"I've always been a huge Jackson Browne fan; that's just something I can't really shake off" - Bobby Wratten, The Field Mice/Trembling Blue Stars.

From Late For The Sky (1974)

Jackson Browne - 'Late For The Sky'
Jackson Browne - 'The Late Show'

From Jackson Browne (aka Saturate Before Using) (1972)

Jackson Browne - 'From Silver Lake'


  1. Ah, those guilty pleasures...

  2. But any pained hipsters out there can always drop the fact he was Nico's boyfriend in the mid-60s and gave her 'These Days' for her first solo LP. Oh yes.

  3. Just a great album. "Fountain Of Sorrow" is one of my all time favorites.

  4. S'a great song. I'm even OK with Joan Baez doing it.

  5. Love JB, really do. Expect a post on TK some time soon.

  6. proud to say i loved jackson browne back in the day. songs like these were responsible for a good bit of my on-going melancholy music need.

    i haven't really gotten into much he's done since hold out, but anything before that was golden.

  7. Ah, the Ongoing Melancholy Music Need (OMMN), a very common syndrome and largely untreatable.

  8. This is NOT a guilty pleasure. This and The Pretender contain some of the best songs of this era. My Dad says he used to tour this album with just him and his fiddle player and picking up whatever session musicians they could when they fetched up places. It's not all brilliant, but I could name a dozen legendary tracks off this record alone. Guilty pleasure indeed.


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