Saturday, January 05, 2008

Get The Funk 'n' 201st Post In Here!

Hey! I can't let the post double-century go by without a celebration of your staying power as much as mine. Older readers may remember we once had a regular 'Get The Funk In Here' feature hereabouts of a Friday, and with Saturday arguably an even funkier night of the week I thought I'd dust the old concept down for another spin as a way of thanking you all for the good times we've shared. *weep*.

I was going to do this as a zip but when I tested it, it looked like it'd take about an hour to download, so mindful that you'd probably rather be getting yourself outside of a large glass of Saturday night Chardonnay and unzipping your Significant Other instead of a bunch of mp3 files, I've gone for the usual track by track approach.

The recommended running order is as listed.

Make lurve not war. And play loud.

Curtis Mayfield - 'Back To The World' (1973)
Shuggie Otis - 'Sweet Thang' (1974)
Ramp - 'Daylight' (1977)
Terry Callier - 'What Color Is Love?' (1972)
Curtis Mayfield - 'Can't Say Nothing' (1973)

Peace, out.



  1. my mrs is just about to explode with that devil bug so i'll be dancing solo and unzipping a bottle of southern comfort waiting for the inevitable and preparing myself for much of the same. bugger.
    and that's five of the loveliest records there are in the world.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been missing your funky posts longtime now. Having been outvoted the last time you dangled a carrot...


  3. Ally - they do say to 'take lots of fluids' - shurely Southern Comfort counts? x

    Mart - this time, you may KEEP the carrot dear boy x

  4. What a selection! Great to see Mr Callier here. Looking forward to catching him in London later in the year.

    Peace go with you brother,


  5. omg, shuggie otis! love it. :)

  6. From souless to soulful in 24 hours ;))

  7. Only hard liquor and the love of a good woman can do this.

    Shout outs to Simon and Marcy - good to have you here.

  8. Smooth, stomping and slighty modish. Marvellous. Great to see Shuggie getting a spin up too.


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