Monday, January 21, 2008

Small Bricks

A flat day today - nothing doing and rain in the air finally breaking through at 5pm. Monday into the bargain. Nothing to be done tonight but chop a chilli, some garlic, spring onion, shallots and fresh basil, shove it in the wok, pile in the saffron, fish stock, seafood, rice and cook up that risotto - it always makes me feel better. Accompaniments to this cooking - a glass of London Pride, a bit of Nina, the daughters playing with my 1970s Lego on the floor.

Nina Simone - 'I Loves You Porgy' (1958)


  1. It was very tasty, though I say it myself.

  2. What? the risotto or this ultra-smooth Gershwin?
    I bought a double CD last time I was back in England of her early stuff. No My Baby Just Cares For Me, no Ain't Got No (I Got Life), just lots of things like this. Incomparable.

  3. jeez that sounds lovely. apart from the little fishes. and the foul bitter. but all the other bits.

  4. cute little furry mussels - you monster!

  5. Bring it on. And them squid. Bastards.


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