Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not Very Punk

So I figured I'd slip this in on a Saturday while no-one's looking.

It's 1982 - but never mind the 3 million unemployed: Shakatak have got Big Hair, a beardy synth bloke and a pianist inventing Jazz Funk Lite.

Is it me or does the woman on the left look a bit like Ruby Wax?


  1. Now this is why I'm considering starting a new blog. You can post shit and still keep your credibility on your main blog. I've got a video of this lot on TOTP with the singer in a dress with rips in it. Do you remember that? (Down in the Street I think)

    And do you remember the song that Sharpe chap did with Gary Numan? I gots it if you wants it.

  2. Well, I think it's very evocative, and yes, the old boiler on the left does look like a butch, annoying and very unfunny American drag queen.
    Is that really why I started a Christmas blog? We should be told.

  3. I may destroy my cred here but I, um, saw Shakatak live once. It wasn't intentional, they did a live promo set at a club I went to one night.

  4. Next time you 'slip something in when no-one's looking'... add some fuckin' lubricant.

    This song may have exacerbated the Cold War.

  5. Guys, this is the sound of sophisticated early 80s 'nite life' and shame on you all.

    Mick - ripped dress vid here: 'This is more like it' says radio legend Steve Wright.


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