Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Holy Moly

I've worked out how to upload cassette music to the computer and yes, yes, yes I know loads of you boffins know how to already, but I worked it out myself and I did it like Robinson Crusoe on a zero budget and using only materials I had readily available (a not-quite-busted-as-it-turns-out tape deck, a stereo cable and the free Audacity software - thanks Crash for the prompt) and I'm mighty pleased with myself, so there.

Naturally in the spirit of these things I have chosen to upload first 1) the worst quality home tape recordings I can possibly find (from our old Letrasetted friend above) but also 2) two tracks I've never seen anywhere else but have mentioned here before - PLUS! one mystery record I would dearly like your help in identifying. Mentioning no names, but anyone with a lot of Studio One era rocksteady may prove especially useful re. the latter.

The two groovy tracks are from this lost toasting reggae duo's 20th October 1982 Peel Session...

Laurel And Hardy - 'Toast One Quick' (1982)
Laurel And Hardy - 'Tell Her Sey Me Sorry' (1982)

(and not a lonesome pine in sight).

The Mystery Track [has now been identified, by Simon, and is]...

Ray Martell - 'She Caught The Train' (1970)

The race, companeros, is on.

[And yes, I made a cover for this tape by skillfully doctoring a Tears For Fears album ad in Smash Hits. If you look carefully you can see a bit of one for 'Architecture & Morality' showing through from behind].


  1. Hello there, Planet Mondo directed me over to your site as he (rightly) suspected that I would enjoy your recent tape and CD rummage.

    Coincidentally I have done one of my own this past week (at Unlike your good self though I still haven't quite yet mastered the Audacity thing so my tapes remain safe in their box right now.

    Am also very impressed by your cover - very clever!

  2. There wasn't much to do in Devon in October...

    Nice to see the synchronicitous Husker Du on your mixtape there Cocktails.

  3. The track is called "She Caught The Train" and it's by Ray Martell.

    Check out this (pointless?) youtube clip:

    UB40 covered it as well on one of their Labour Of Love discs.

  4. Davy

    I would join in this race.....but Mrs V nagged me into a huge clean-up opertion just last weekend. The rekindle enthusiasm for vinyl caused the cupboard to 2,000 tapes have been boxed and consigned to the loft....

    PS : Off now to listen to your unknown song. I doubt I'll be able to help.

  5. I protest!!!!

    Simon wasn't here when I came in a minute ago.

    But I wouldn't ahve got it anyway..

  6. Sorry I can't resist name that tune thingys! Red rag to a bull!

  7. Simon you're an absolute bloody genius - 25 pigging years I've been in the dark about that. What can I get you from the bar?

    That was the race I was meaning JC, but cripes - with 2,000 of the buggers I think the Gold Medal in a tape upload fest woulda been yours, nae problem.

  8. gawd i'm glad someone got there first and i can pretend i knewto - i knew that i knew that. note to self - remember to miss out the bit about not having the foggiest

  9. It's on this which looks a cracker.

  10. Oh no, don't get me started.

    Here's a tracklisting from one of my Peel tapes c1978

    V2 - Man In The Box
    Burning Spear - Mr. Garvey
    Pere Ubu - Dub Housing
    Arabs - Longlife
    Public Image Limited - Lowlife
    Public Image Limited - Attack
    Public Image Limited - Fodder Stompf
    Parliament - Aqua Boogie
    Mikey Dread & The Instigators - Robbers Roost
    Aswad - Behold
    XTC - Rhythm
    Bunny Wailer - Falling Angel
    Big In Japan - Nothing Special
    Lee Perry - Baffling Smoke Signals

    I've still got the cassette deck, it just needs bringing down from the spare room. (But I've got the Lee Perry on 12" so that's easier I guess).


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