Saturday, January 26, 2008

And The 90s Revival Continues...

I was biding time in HMV with the girlies this afternoon while Mrs H looked at moisturisers or something in the 'House Of Fraser' next door when this came on. It was a bit of a moment. If they were playing it, they must be promoting a reissue or greatest hits or something but nevermind - it sounded great. A part of me quite misses Intelligent Grunge...

(They didn't have the China Crisis greatest hits I went in for...)

Smashing Pumpkins - 'Today' (1993)


  1. I got a China Crisis compilation a few years ago from Asda of all places. It was one of those cheap Disky compilations (£3) that are never definitive but sometimes all the better for that.

    Moments in record shops are rare these days. In fact twice in the last year some over eager Virgin Megastore shop assistant has asked if I needed help, which to my ears sounded like “are you alright, Grandad?” You don’t get that shopping on this interwebby thing.

  2. The last time I went full head-on into a mosh pit without fear of the outcome was at a Smashing Pumpkins gig away back in 1995.

    When they tawk, they are immense. When Billy gets all introspective, they are passable.

  3. China Crisis in Asda - you wouldn't have believed that possible back in 1982 would you? Mind you, as we have discussed here before, you could buy LPs in Boots back then - and Argos.

    As for JC still headfirst moshpitting as late as 1995? Rock And Roll!

  4. I remember buying records in Boots, but Argos? Really? I remember seeing them in my mum's catalogue (but they only seemed to sell Barbra Streisand or Simon & Garfunkel) so anything's possible.

  5. Got Ultravox's 'Vienna' album in Argos Exeter 1980.


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