Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And finally...

Weekend for sunny mornings, YMGs when it rains.

My favourite track from lo-fi pioneering, deliciously cheap beat-box using, £1,000 recording Rough Trade Rough 8.

Young Marble Giants - 'Music For Evenings' (1980)


  1. I only heard this for the first time last September. Wurlitzer Jukebox is my favourite, if only for the 'funky' riff that comes in.

    The thing is, they sounded so familiar. I suspect I heard them a lot at the time on the evening radio shows. And, add to that the amount of people who so obviously own the album. I can hear them in the jazz/acoustic people who turned up a few years later like Everything But The Girl; I can definitely hear them in Saint Etienne; and even in a band like Blur.

    Easily one of the best albums I've heard in years. I'm just slightly annoyed that it took me so long to listen to it!

  2. But isn't it great when you discover 'old' music that's 'new' to you - and hear it for the very first time?

    Happens to me a lot and I love it.

  3. Actually it's amazing. Especially at an age when you think you've heard it all before, and there's nothing new under the sun.

    Years ago I would take albums out of the library. Sometimes I would go for established 'classics' that I'd never heard before, knowing I could tape them and avoid having to buy them (naughty!). But I'd also get albums from all sorts of styles of music just to try it on for size.

    Blogs have given that back to me. And yes, I love it too.


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