Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Fromage

I confess I am inordinately fond of this.

Last year voted the 21st Most Balearic Song Of All Time by So there.

Postscript: because I love you (you know you want to)...

Double - 'Captain Of Her Heart' (1986)


  1. The full list was...

    1 Tullio de Piscopo - Primavera (Stop Bajon) (Bagaria, 1984)
    2 William Pitt - City Lights (Public Sound, 1986)
    3 Elkin & Nelson - Jibaro (CBS, 1986)
    4 Chris Rea - Josephine (Magnet, 1985)
    5 Herb Alpert - Rotation (A&M, 1979)
    6 Manuel Goettsching - E2-E4 (Inteam, 1984)
    7 Mandy Smith - I Just Can't Wait (Cool & Breezy Jazz Mix) (PWL, 1987)
    8 Dizzi Heights - Would I Find Love (Parlophone, 1986)
    9 Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Island, 1983)
    10 It's Immaterial - Driving Away From Home (Virgin, 1986)
    11 Carly Simon - Why (WEA, 1982)
    12 Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle (Lucky Number, 2005)
    13 Donna Summer - State of Independence (WEA, 1982)
    14 Laid Back - Fly Away/Walking In The Sunshine (CBS, 1983)
    15 Kate Bush - Running Up The Hill (EMI, 1985)
    16 Cure - Lullaby (Fiction, 1989)
    17 Linda Di Franco - TV Scene (WEA, 1985)
    18 Flash & The Pan - Walking In The Rain (Epic, 1978)
    19 Izit - Stories (ffrr, 1989)
    20 Fleetwood Mac - Big Love (Arthur Baker Remix) (Warners, 1987)
    21 Double – The Captain Of Her Heart (Polydor, 1985)
    22 The Beloved - The Sun Rising (WEA, 1989)
    23 Enzo Avitabile - Blackout (EMI, 1986)
    24 Mike Francis - Features Of Love (Concorde, 1985)
    25 Richie Havens - Going Back To My Roots (Elektra, 1980)

  2. Good heavens, is that John Harle on soprano sax? Well I never knew that!

  3. Anon, that's exactly the kind of erudition we need around here, frankly.

    But you are not allowed to be Anon - we will mix you up with so many others of that name.

    Pseudonyms are fine. And so?

  4. Numero 7 - Mandy Smith. It's not .. is it?

  5. I fear so. Et je suis un rock star.

  6. Oh, I didn't mean to be Anon, just couldn't work out how to do a name as I don't have a blogger account thingy (It's Diane Mc wot was pout with Mrs H on Monday night)

  7. That should have been 'out' bang goes my typing after half a bottle of Rose d'Anjou

  8. Diane Mc wot & a Rose D'Anjou, as I live and breathe...'Pout with' is good. Very Bardot x

  9. Yeah, not really Balearic though, is it? More sixteen, sitting on Brixham harbour in the setting summer sun wearing espedrilles and RayBan Wayfarers because Paul Weller looks cool in them...

  10. oooh you rotter you - i went and played the bloody thing didn't i and now i keep whistling the bloody thing. and my whistling is shocking. i'm annoying myself. just you wait...

  11. *laughs maniacally like Vincent Price at the end of 'Thriller'*


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