Monday, April 07, 2008

Blogger Erraticism Likely

Er, that's erraticism, begone now you naughty Googler boys.

adj. 1. Having no fixed or regular course; wandering 2. Lacking consistency, regularity, or uniformity 3. Deviating from the customary course in conduct or opinion; eccentric.

Why? Why because these are the school Easter holidays of course, that this year are - Hey! - Not At Easter! and I am Off Work this fortnight for the most part and doing Family Things, which today meant a lie in, warmed-up pizza for lunch, a bit of noodling, the playpark at 4pm.

And when I tried to log-on earlier, the girlies were on Club Penguin so, sorry, no tunes for you then. This is a pattern set to continue.

Still, Mrs H is on a Girl's Nite Out tonight and I have drunk a bottle of wine, cooked myself a dhal, watched Monster House with small people, tucked them up, made a coffee, poured a Drambuie, shoved on some Tom.

This, in fact.

Tom Waits - 'Kentucky Avenue' (1978)

Which is not unlike Monster House actually. Suburban Gothic, all that.

I do hope you weren't under the impression that this was a Professional Enterprise of some kind.


  1. that sounds like my kinda day. apart from the drambeeeeeeughhhie.

  2. Mrs H says the same - too sweet. I sez with ice, TW and a good strong coffee it cuts through nicely x

  3. 'Noodling'? - I trust that this is a non-erotic (or erratic) past-time.

    Top tip. Don't get sucked into daytime TV.

  4. "Monster House" is really creepy, I think my little 'un is a bit young for that. She's just discovered Wallace & Gromit though which pleases me no end.

  5. I'm haven't had a Drambuie for years (I tend to reach for J & B as a blended or for singles it's Irish - Jamesons, Powers and Tesco's Highland Single Malt is worth a pop too)

    But have never tried Tom Waits. I should, he'll be like John Martyn, I'll catch on late and feel I've known him forever.

    My two tots are into Harold Lloyd and Monty Python at the mo'.

  6. Hey Davy, good on 'yer for doing the family thing. My five year old keeps me hopping too. If you ever need a blogger sub, I'm your man!

  7. Some nights I put the missus back in the cupboard, chain up the jackals, and chuck another peasant on the grill. Then lay back on my bed of nails with a touch of absinthe and put on Raindogs.

    I love Tom Waits, but I wouldn't like to have to recommend him to people. Over twenty years since I first heard Raindogs and I still can't get my head around the fact that it's the same man who did "San Diego Serenade".

  8. 'Do You Ever Regret Not Having Kids?'is a question often put to both myself and the missus.

    The fact we can go on holiday when we want (and when its usually cheaper to do so), go to gigs without paying over the odds for a teenager to raid the drinks cabinet, never worry about embarrasing gaffes/secrets being let out of the bag and generally having a care-free lifestyle with few responsibilities.....I'll let you guess the answer.

    Only embarrasing thing is going to the Disney/Pixar films with no kiddies in tow...

    PS : Add my voice to the Drambuie is vile brigade.

  9. Lovely people your feedback, quipping, carping, counsel and creativity moves me to tears, but that might just be the drink.

    To noodle (v.) = to potter ineffectually, mess about, tinker with things of little consequence (Davy H's Dictionnaire De La Vie 2006 edition) x

  10. Red wine for me then. While you're all sleeping, huh?


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