Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Nugget

I know it's certain not to last, but right now in London it's a spectacularly sunny and unfeasibly warm blue-skied Friday and only this little Nugget'll do.

Another band from Los Angeles was The Parade. For the most part, the group was composed of aspiring actors who were more intent on furthering their careers in TV than they were in music. The exception was leader Jerry Riopell, who wrote, arranged and produced their music, and who maintained visibility in the 1970s with solo albums and performances. Because the group didn't tour, and because their completed album was never released, not many people outside of California heard their music (sleeve notes, 'Nuggets Volume Three; Pop')

I might add that this is seriously the best sunny 60s pop record you've never heard and easily as good as anything from the same period by The Lovin' Spoonful, The Turtles or even The Beach Boys. It was covered in the UK by Herman's Hermits*, but then you can't have everything.

*er..actually it wasn't - see comments

The Parade - 'Sunshine Girl' (1967)

[get it here]


  1. i'm supposed to be in southend ooohing and ahhhhing and isn't a lovely day for the time of year but somehow we arsed it up and it got too late and i've got a mates birthday do to go to in smelly shoreditch. if it's snowing tomorrow there's trouble

  2. this is a LOVERLY record!

  3. Ain't it though?

    Miss Ally check in here later for some dirty old Shoreditch-suitable Friday nite pub rock. Oh yes!

  4. Didn't you ever sing the mucky schoolboy version when you were a kid?

  5. I feel embarrassed just typing it but it went something like:

    Sunshine girl I’m looking down your bra
    I see two ???*
    I wonder what they are
    Do you invite me
    To squeeze them tightly
    “Not bloody likely, my sunshine boy..”

    *I can’t remember the exact clever and witty word that went here.
    Imagine Peter Noone singing that!

  6. Actually, I've just realised the HH is a different song entirely, not a Parade cover, and not a fraction as good either. Sorry chaps.

    Meanwhile Michael, I'm sending you to the headmaster.

  7. I will never be embarrassed about love again!

  8. I bet it was a bugger trying to make my words fit the Parade tune. The stupid thing is I've got that song so I should have known they were different.

  9. your tune has made getting ready to go out an especial joy - well done dear


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