Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Something More From Weekend

Their second single in fact, and even harder to get hold of than the first. Probably. Though the songs did turn up on the Archive CD.

This was on rotation play at my house in the spring of 1983 as I toiled unhappily over endless, endless revision for my boring bastard 'A' Levels. Thank Christ I don't ever have to do that again.

Lovely sleeve and label, lovely tiny songs, both equally deserving of a-side status.

Weekend - 'Past Meets Present' (1982)
Weekend - 'Midnight Slows' (1982)

Track one is, I think, my first ever re-post here, but I figure I'm getting old enough to be repeating myself occasionally now, and it's not exactly Robbie bloody Williams' bloody 'Angels' in the over-played stakes is it?


  1. i wrote to rough trade proclaiming my undying love and got a signed photo which the dog ate the same day. high quality

  2. Bless.

    Shame we don't live in Portugal, Spain or, er, Cardiff - Alison's out of retirement...x

  3. They are beaut's both, but would never have placed either as 1982. I could do with 6 minute drift version of 'Midnight Slows' rather than the 1:56 that it runs to.

  4. Now that's a damn fine tune for an initial re-post.

    Loads of folk have probably only just discovered your majestic bit of the blogosphere and you should help them out with more quality re-posts...

    I'll get off my soapbox

  5. Will you stop banging on about being old??? whippersnapper who's two years younger than I am ;-))


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