Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Credit Crunch Bossa

They might not thank me for saying so, but Dubstar were a sort of Saint Etienne from Newcastle, who dented the Top Twenty a couple of times in the mid-late 90s with the singles 'Stars' and 'Not So Manic Now'.

Like Saint Etienne, they seemed as in love with 60s kitsch and kitchen-sink realism as they were with contemporary electronica, and had a founder band member (Steve Hillier) who worked for a while as a journeyman hack.

I really like this take on an old Astrud Gilberto song they shoved onto the 2nd of two CD-singles of 'Manic'.

It's very looking-out-of-high-rise-windows-on-a-rainy-October-afternoon; credit crunch bossa.

Is anyone putting the kettle on?

Dubstar - 'A Certain Sadness' (1995)

PS: 'Currently working on a new album', and on Facebook and everything.


  1. i'm looking out of a high rise window at rain and stuff and i could right do with a cuppa too. no sugar in mine.

  2. I saw that! For the second time in so many days, psychic waves across the water maaan.

  3. Perhaps you might to do some searching for Sarah Blackwood's other band Client. Rather tasty.

  4. We must protect our kids from this indie filth.


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