Friday, October 24, 2008

Party Down

I'm almost ready for a Guinness and I could murder a prawn madras, so perhaps even a dance is in the offing, eh readers? This is one of my favourite disco records from a period when great ones seemed to fall from the sky in huge numbers like so many autumn leaves.

I don't think this gets played as much as some, which is maybe why it still sounds so fresh. Plus it's properly funky, not some lame old Europap, and what a sleeve!

By the way, it is a truth universally acknowledged that 1979 is the greatest year there has ever been in the history of pop music ever and if you disagree I will sue.

This is the 12" mix (6:47) with drums that go boo!boo! and everything, because I loves ya.

The Players Association - 'Turn The Music Up' (1979)


  1. Glad Davy the inebriate blogger is back in the land of the living. Not that the old lush will get any sympathy from me.

  2. Quite right too. Crack a cold one.

  3. Plink plink fizz.
    Glad you're feeling yourself again.
    More comebacks than Lazarus.

    When I'm down, and troubled and need a helping hand .. etc (name that tune?) ... I draw a smiley face in my freshly poured Guinness and all is well again.

    By the seventh pint ... well, I couldn't really give a fuck!

  4. Oh brilliant. We all should loves ya back for that disco gem.

  5. well done you brave little soldier. i'm very impresseded by your recovery rates - my last pub wine poorliness lasted about three days and to have the energy for such a huge tune is practically superhuman. i'm off to dig out my rollerskates and glitter

  6. ...way to bounce back! Hair of the dog, perhaps?

  7. Two Guinnesses and a madras in and feelin' good.

  8. You guys and your 'five hours ahead' nonsense...

    (Oh, how I envy it right about now...)

    Conf word: shingsta

  9. So it must be 5pm there now? Welcome to your weekend! Shingsta!

  10. PS: Ally, your Positive Force tip is going dead well with Players Association...('pub wine poorliness' - I must remember that) x

  11. this is the sorta tune half of mates were into in the 80s - the slip on spats, white shirts, stretch jeans and little curly fru-fru on top crowd..

    ps it's not Toni Arthur

    pps did you hear I got whacked. for copyright violation this week - so keep 'em peeled! It cold be you next

  12. Bugger. On both counts, i.e. 1) they are clearly getting more litigious - and this pulling the whole post thing is nasty; I have started backing up my posts in case 2) I really know that woman's voice DAMN AND BLAST IT!!!

    PS: By mistake I left this reply to your comment on your blog first. Sheesh. How many brain cells did I knock out last night?

  13. Lemme see...if I'm awake at 8:47 EST and you're 5 hours ahead...

    Well, cheers, then - right?!

    Conf word: intatica (Better than a horoscope, yes?)


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