Saturday, October 18, 2008

Levi Stubbs (June 6 1936 - Oct 17 2008)



  1. As Mr Bragg once said, "if your feeling down, just make yourself a cup of tea, sit down, put a Four Tops song and everything will be alright".
    Plenty of motown will be belted out while doing the saturday chores today.

  2. Too many dark rain clouds covering us these days.
    Perhaps as we get older, we are more appreciative of our past - and those who have touched our souls and sadly left?

  3. Just read about this and thought there might be a tribute here. They really don't make 'em like that anymore.

  4. It's been a bad month.

    Larry over at Funky16Corners has done a good piece on Levi, and I agree with him that he was underappreciated as a singer.

  5. I was pleased to find this clip - colour, which is lovely, but also, much more importantly, a live vocal performance. This is real stuff, right?

    How many singers can 'sing' heartbreak (Smokey? Marvin? Dusty? Otis?). Levi could.

  6. A real loss.

    Still waiting to see if his passing will get the covers that Cobain and strummer got.

    Not holding my breath, though...

  7. How bizarre, I was just listening to "Bernadette" on my mp3 player Friday and thinking that no one else could have pulled off that anguished scream at the break like he did. That would have been the day he died, and I had no idea.

  8. Something similar happened with me the day George Harrison died - I had played four songs of his in succession (not something I would often do) then turned on the TV to hear the news. But hey, you know all about 'spooky'...

    Nice to see you over here my dear.


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