Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Name's Cocker, Jarvis Cocker

Much debate (well, a few scribbles) au previous post concerning the (I think) rather excellent John Barry score for the otherwise risible 'Octopussy' and Ms Rita Coolidge's 'contribution' thereto.

Seems an excellent opportunity to share with you this quite marvellous interpretation from the excellent David Arnold James Bond project Shaken And Stirred featuring the man who (quite rightly) waved his arse at Michael Jackson, and band.

David Arnold featuring Pulp - 'All Time High' (1997)

Our Lord John Barry liked Arnold's re-imagining of his original material on this album so much that he recommended the younger composer to Barbara Broccoli; and Arnold has gone on to score every Bond movie from 'Tomorrow Never Dies' to date.



  1. An excellent version of the track, my Mrs has the album and I certainly bought both the Propelleherads re-working of 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' and McAlmont's 'Diamonds Are Forever too.'

    On this subject, I think the Pretenders' single 'If There Was A Man'/'Where Has Everybody Gone?' from the Living Daylights (and credited to Pretenders for 007) is the 'lost Bond track, along with the K.D. Lang 'Tomorrow Neve Dies' and Pulp's Tomorrow Never lies. That hs given me an idea for a post...unless you were working up to this, in which case I won't!


  2. I quite liked the Aimee Mann version of Nobody Does It Better - but she always sounds so glum/bored

  3. Nice word, glum. And I know what you mean. I find that a bit with Aimee Mann in general, much as I think I should like her.

    Ed, we all like a touch of blog tennis now and then, so vas-y mon brave.

  4. i saw that jarvis in the back of a boozer in kings cross singing from a bath chair. wadda a guy


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