Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hoverin' By My Suitcase

This one was, along with a lot of Tom Waits, a great comfort to me in lonely broken moments in that 'functional ' hotel room.

Since Sunday in London this morning is thick with rain, it still feels kind of right.

Brook Benton - 'A Rainy Night In Georgia' (1969)


  1. Welcome home old chap, nice choice of song. The weather’s the same down here and I have to go out in it because I couldn’t be arsed to do the shopping yesterday.

  2. Mrs H kindly volunteered to do same.

    Obviously having been away all week I enjoy certain privileges (expires tomorrow).

  3. 'Dirty washing Davy'.

    Welcome back from the Lodge of Eternal Doom. 'Vill you be staying with us again sir?'

    Hope you left your 'Mayfair' in the bottom drawer for the next user.

    As that nice David Soul once nearly said in a jolly big hit ...

    "I'm cold and alone .. chilled to the bone ... lonely Davy". (Go on, sing it out loud, it'll make you smile).

    Oh, and I bet the 2nd thing you did with Mrs H when you got in was 'ave a cuppa tea.

    Welcome back.

  4. Cheers Dickie Boy - large glass of vino and a marguerita pizza in fact.


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