Friday, October 10, 2008

London Girl

Kirsty MacColl (10th Oct 1959 - 18th Dec 2000)

But one day you'll be waiting there
Come summertime in Soho SquareAnd I'll be painting stars up in the skyBefore I get too old to cry
Before my birthday
I hope I see those pigeons fly
Before my birthday
In Soho Square on my birthday

Kirsty MacColl - 'Soho Square' (1993)

Justice For Kirsty


  1. Oh thanks. Now I'm crying at work.

    Sad sod.

    Still sadly missed.

  2. Always gets me too, this one. Especially today. I'll work up some bouncy Friday stuff for later.

  3. Never knew about the campaign. Good link and great song.

    I saw her perform live in '98, she was one of the those artists whom you suddenly realise you love all her songs without having ever known it.

  4. OH, damn you, yes, like simon here, oh... must. read. on. xoxox

  5. As I once said, I'm really quite proud of the fact that I was one (of the very few) who bought the first single by the wonderful Kirsty.

    She was little older than me when "They Don't Know" came out on Stiff Records. It didn't trouble the chart - but I loved it. 'The Purley Queen' was etched on the excess vinyl run-off bit in the middle!

    Distinctive, sharp and not a little quirky, to my mind Kirsty MacColl became one of the best songwriters that England has produced in the last 30 years. I was somewhat irked when Tracey Ullman successfully covered 'They Don't Know' 4 years later in '83, on the start of her road to millionairess US superstardom. Kirsty meanwhile, stayed peripheral in comparison.

    The track Soho Square from the 1994album Titanic Days meant a lot then - but it means even more now. Soho Square is a spot in the heart of London where you can sit (on her bench) and contemplate life as the world hurries by.

    In Dec 2000, Kirsty was tragically killed by a speedboat whilst scuba diving with her sons in a restricted diving area off Cozumel, Mexico. She was 41.

    If you're bored, more archived stuff n nonsense is at ...

  6. You were three years ahead of me DVD.

    Sadly, still no justice for Kirsty...


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