Friday, October 17, 2008

Yeah Baby (1981-3)

I tried to find a moody picture of an Escort XR3 GTi or something parked outside an 80s nightclub with gelled-up big-haired boys and girls in synthetic fabrics spilling out, but you'll have to settle for the Del Boy cocktail instead.

You can blame my current penchant for the deeply unhip sub-genre of 80s lite jazz-funk/pop on my (re) acquaintance with that K-Tel comp I told you about (15 whole-album downloads from this blog!) - I seem to have become obsessed with tracking down full-length versions of the cruelly-cropped tunes that were on it. I find the glossy patina of glamour, low-fat cheesy vocals, tinkly keyboards and horny bass on this stuff strangely addictive and deeply evocative of top notch 'adult' nightclubs I never went to or that wouldn't let me in.

Most of the artists involved were proper jazzers who 'went pop' - although the purists'll tell you Bob 'Theme From Taxi' James was never 'cred' and I don't know many people who'll admit to liking Shakatak even now (they're big in Japan). BUT WHO BLOODY CARES! THIS MUSIC MAKES ME HAPPY AND IT MIGHT DO YOU TOO - ba-bada-bada singey bits and naffly 'aspirational' record sleeves and all.

Fill yer Friday boots, I won't tell.

Bob James - 'Sign Of The Times' (1981)
Harvey Mason - 'What's Going On?' (1977)
Shakatak - 'Dark Is The Night' (1983)

Campari and soda?


  1. And I've been so rude about yours! I think it was the mention of 'Alchemy' - brought back dark times...

    Sorry Kips.

  2. No worries matey. Anyway, considering you contribute around 50% of the guestbook signatures I receive nowadays I think you're entitled to be a bit critical once in a while! ;)

  3. I actually do quite like them. I know no-one else does (outside of Japan). I got 'Night Birds' in a charity shop recently. Was thrilled skinny.

  4. Well, not exactly skinny - a small bit thinner, maybe.

  5. Yikes, where? Don't say Japan!

  6. Checking the tracklisting of Cool Heat by my reckoning I have 11 of the 18 tracks on 12". I will happily furnish you with full length mp3s of any of them you care to request.

    (And I have a few Shakatak 12" singles too!).

    Wow - I think I've blown my cover.

  7. Oh, big time. But you gladden my heart. I shall have to have a look and a think and drop you a line Darce x

  8. I haven't a clue what you're going on about but I love that you've YELLED at us all about how happy it makes you and think so EMPHATICALLY that it might make us happy too! :)

    oh you're so enthusiastically yummy xoxo

  9. i've been digging a whole heap of eighties boogie tunes and almost wishing my overcoated spikey youth had more red shoes and furry dice in it

  10. anyone who says Bob James had no credibility on the, (UK), Jazz Funk Scene back then either wasn't actually there or they're lying through their back teeth.

    nice site...connected by Darcy


  11. p.s who remembers a cut by
    Light Of The World called London there's a piece to bring back memories !!

  12. Nice to have you here 'Gist.


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