Friday, October 17, 2008

I Want Candy

A little Friday heartstarter you might consider a kind of B-side post to this. I've had this EP lying about for a while awaiting an upload and keep expecting someone else to beat me to it.

Track one is what the music papers used to call 'the flip' of 'Some Candy Talking'; track two is one of four acoustic versions of JAMC songs recorded for the Peel Show and included on a bonus 7" with the single - stripped of their percussion and feedback squall and booming bass and left as three/four chord strumalongs I find most of these a tad dull, to be honest, but I think 'Trip' is a good enough tune to come through regardless.

I saw the Mary Chain at about this time. Mad as a box of frogs.

The Jesus & Mary Chain - 'Psychocandy' (1986)
The Jesus & Mary Chain - 'You Trip Me Up' (acoustic) (1985)

Something completely different later, I shouldn't wonder.


  1. Oh, Davy, thanks for letting me "muse" you :) xoxox and the tune, is awesome!

  2. I need a lot of 'musement' me x

  3. I saw them as well during this period, i thought that my brother and I had issues until I saw the Reids on stage, Liam and Noel are playing at the sibling rivalry in comparison

  4. De nada Major; hello and bienvenue Anon: give us a name dear, even if it's a pretend one, it makes things a lot nicer.

    Yes! JAMC, ULU, I think 1987 - squall, screech, boom, thrash, surf city, fuck surf city, dive from stage, scrap, riot, blackout.


  5. Sorry Davy,

    the name is Drew. I have a bootleg of the ULU gig sheer magic.

  6. Drew! You're no stranger at all, you tart.

  7. Why thanks Davy, that's one of the nicest things anyone has evry called me.

  8. Gigs I wish I'd been at #1; the North London Poly JAMC riot. My folks were more into taking me to musicals at the time. Ah well.

  9. Everybody gotta start somewhere Ed.

  10. ach, to be fair, there were probably very few nine year olds at that North London Poly gig. There were slightly more watching, umm, Lulu in Guys and Dolls, and, uh, Suzi Quatro in Annie Get Your Gun.

    And if Mrs. Seconds and I ever have kids they'll probably rebel by voting Tory, eating meat and lisetning to Dido. Oh well, gotta do the best you can...

  11. Suzi Quatro in 'Annie Get Your Gun'!? BRING IT ON!!!


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