Friday, October 05, 2007


This blog is one. I believe this is a traditional excuse for self-congratulation, big shout outs to fellow bloggers and friends, fave track re-posts, Oscar acceptance speech-type mallarkey and a picture of a frickin' cake with a candle in it.

Yes, there is massive disappearing-up-one's-own-arse potential here.

So let's not do any of that eh? EXCEPT the thanking bit, because when I started this a year ago I thought no-one was listening and I didn't care and I thought I was some sort of 'writer' which I'm not and instead what this thing has done for me is help me make loads and loads of new friends none of whom I have actually met - although Ally and I came close when I was in Manchester but she was washing her hair that night, oh my good gawd.

So, at the risk of coming over like a Jamelia album credit (and thanx to GOD!! I LOVE U!!! THIS ALBUM'S FOR U!!!) please may I send out big thanks and kissies for 12 months of good vibes, inspiration, comments, encouragement and claptrap to, in particular...the aforementioned alleged Faithfull-lookalike, Crash (who left the first ever comment), Darcy, DVD (please start blogging yourself old bean), Emmett, JC (also one this week), Lee, Liz (come back!), Matthew, Michael, Mick, Mondo, Rob, Steve and, still having his internet connection dug up, Tutu Vicar. For their often beautiful, always interesting, frequently iconoclastic and in the end just downright individual blogs also to Beth & Howard, Brent, Joe C, Monkey, peteski and The Vinyl District (but please tell us your name because we can't call you VD). Hugs too to everyone else who checks in here regularly and/or comments; please don't think I've forgotten you just because I haven't mentioned you by name.

Finally to Colin, whose 'Let's Kiss And Make Up' was the first mp3 blog I ever looked at and who still sets the standard to which I humbly aspire.

Shit. It turned in to Gwynnie at the Oscars after all.

All rise for the blog title song.

Bob Dylan - 'Visions Of Johanna' (live acoustic in London, 1966)

Normal service resumed tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday ol' fella have a tear up.

    Why not raise a glass and shake a leg
    to some of the many winners you've logged on the blog.

    I'm still new to the blogging run, but am buzzing with this cyberspace scrap booking

    Here's to next year and keep 'em coming

  2. Has it really been a year? I'm grateful to have met such a generous and amusing soul as you. Really. God bless you.
    (Just make out the cheque to cash.)

  3. Best wishes on turning one! (Where does the time -- and the blogging -- go?) Much thanks for the music you turned me onto as well...greatly appreciated. I look forward to many more pixels...
    -Jon (<---TVD!)

  4. oh ain't you sweet - happy birthday heartface - my days just wouldn't be the same without you
    bona lavs
    ally x

  5. Bloody hell, Dave. What can I say but, simply, marvellous!


  6. Congratulations. I'm drinking to the next year as I type this.

  7. A wonderfully worded and entertaining few paras of well-desrved self-congrats.

    I didn't realise TVV and TGOE were born so close to one another. Here's to us growing old disgracefully in times to come.

    Happy birthday young fella.

  8. I love these, they make me feel all emotional and shivery. Many congrats to you Mr H - and we want more.

  9. Many congratulations on making it to your first birthday Davy! And, best of luck for the next 12 months. Thanks so much for those wonderfully kind words as well. Made me blush. Off to play some Field Mice now and I'll think of the ghosts and their electrical bits and pieces. Actually, that didn't quite sound right, did it?

  10. Here here. Top effort old lad. 1 year on your bloggin lonesome is no mean feat.

    The long lost and much missed 'Last night an MP3 Saved My Wife' folded as the hardcore were made redundant from the same workplace.

    May your ideas ooze, memories gush and juices flow for many a year more. (Dogged and determined fucker that you are).



  11. Belated greetings.
    Time flies.
    Happy bidet!

  12. Happy birthday old fruit. Ah, the devotion of the psychotically single-minded...

  13. the years are flying by so quickly now its like every fifteen minutes is breakfast.

  14. Happy birthday to you, Mr Davy H. It's a laugh, isn't it?

  15. It is certainly that Beth, it is certainly that x


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