Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I've seen it all now.

According to the BBC you can build your own Sputnik with an old biscuit tin, a Tomy baby monitor, four large batteries and a balloon.

What the f- ?

XTC - 'Another Satellite' (1986)


  1. Any excuse to post XTC is ok by me, no matter how tenuous the link. Before i got to the bottom of your post I thought it was going to be 'Telstar'. That wouldn't really work but I'm not fully awake yet.

  2. they've missed the point entirely haven't they. i don't care what was inside sputnik (apart from the beepy thing obviously) it's the blasting into space looking brilliant that matters.
    although i am having a go at the build your own empire state building that came in the guardian - looking forward to sitting on a girder miles in the air having a snack later.

  3. Fans of The Tornados should check out Miss Ally's lovely post here.

    Ally, your snack must be carried at all times in one of these.

  4. If only some anonymous boffin

    *imagines Doc from Back To The Future*

    Could rework this into a jetpack - luscious!

    There's a great live at the BBC version of 'Satellelite' on Rag and Bone Buffet if you fancy an alt dot version

  5. More out of this world old nonsense here


  6. That should read


    If not, fuck it, it's not that good anyway.

  7. Do they ention how to put it into orbit though? I doubt whether the bloon would getr it up there.

  8. Ah no. The balloon is a 'pressure sensor' that 'expands and pops if the case is ruptured'. No word on 'getting it up'...*insert 'Carry On' joke here*.

  9. that's my xmas list sorted then. i do like a well packed lunchbox.


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