Monday, October 15, 2007

Thoro In The Boros

Your Monday heartstarter for this week - the Beasties' unexpectedly affecting and, best of all, pointedly inclusive celebration of their home city, from the album 'To The 5 Boroughs'.

It's a long way from the frat brat schtick of 'No Sleep Till Brooklyn' - and all the better for it.

Failed to chart as a single in the US though, oddly...

The Beastie Boys - 'An Open Letter To NYC' (2004)


  1. I really liked this, maybe a contender for greatest comeback album ever?

  2. wouldn't it be ace to be the beastie boys. all of them cos it's hard to pick a favourite (apart from that it's mike d who's best obviously). there are far too many road trips that leave my voice wrecked from shouting along (with all the wrong words) all the way.
    and this is my fave beastie lp, as much because you can make the noises of all the scratching and whatnot too

  3. tip top tune - great choice to get the pulse pumping and the troo's and shoes shaking, I'm gonna start digging out my Beastie bits right now.

    Some of my fave lyrics writers too, along with Ian Dury

  4. Good to hear the boys have got y'all groovin'. If there is a better refrain in all of pop than

    'Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten
    From the Battery to the top of Manhattan
    Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin
    Black, white, New York you make it happen'

    I have yet to hear it.

  5. Davy -- happy belated birthday, you magnificent bastard. You know, I saw the Beastie Boys walking down my street the other day en route to or just coming from a photo shoot. All 3 of 'em, in matching suits and shades. I ran up to my apartment to get the 12" of Cookie Puss which my cousin gave me in 1983 (for the Boys to sign) but I couldn't find it in time. Saw the Beasties open for Run-DMC at the Apollo in 1986 when I was 13. They were more or less booed offstage. At any rate, happy birthday again. When I stop working such crazy hours I look forward to listening to some of the music yer postin'!

  6. Always a pleasure to hear from you Emmett, and them's quality Beasties anecdotes my friend; quality.


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