Friday, October 19, 2007

Premier League

The lines are closed and the votes have been counted. You plumped by a clear margin for the 'Tarty 80s Classic' - and I was so hoping you would...

The Human League - 'Hard Times' (1982)

Originally the B side to the 'Love Action' single, this is the Martin Rushent remix from the League Unlimited Orchestra's 'Love And Dancing' mini LP and it is quite glorious - as fine a slice of electronic pop as you're ever likely to hear.

Back in the day, our school ran an innovative Friday night club for 2nd and 3rd formers called, radically enough, '2-3 Club'. It was very much a club of two halves: the first part of the evening occupied with plenary activities run by volunteer 6th formers - photography club, Scalextric club, war games club, football club; the second part of the evening a disco.

When we were little kids we attended, and when we were big kids we got to help run things - and me and another guy did the disco every week (there had to be two of us because there was only one turntable and someone had to change the records while someone else talked in the gaps. Classy.)

My co-DJ had the 12" single of 'Hard Times/Love Action' which segues both tracks into an inspired electroboogie whole, and it used to go down a storm. Usefully, it was also long enough to allow the DJs a toilet break....

Tragically, that 12" mix is unavailable on the League's recently issued compilation of remixes and 'rarities'. Aren't record companies rubbish?

Anyhoo, why not turn down the lights in the front room tonight and dance like Joanne and Susanne? You'll feel better about everything, I promise.


  1. That Hard Times/Love Action 12" has been on my 'to do' list for a while. I'll try and post it next week. Also, I don't think the 12" version of Sound of the Crowd has made it onto CD.

  2. Just followed your link. It's on that compilation, isn't it? Didn't know about that disc. Really all 12" remixes should have been bonus tracks on the 25th anniversary edition of Dare.

  3. Post Hard Times/Love Action and I'll love you forever.

    'Sound Of The Crowd' IS on the comp, yes. But curses, I've already got THAT....

  4. who'd've thought high waisted denim shorts would've come round again so fast?

  5. I've cracked this on at a few parties, shindigs, leg shakes etc... and it still stops people who remember (but had forgotten)it in their tracks.

    Quiet Life/Japan has the same effect - but only on the girls.

    'A Man Could Get Lost' from the Soft Cell's - Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing (their equivalent of Love and Dancing) is an elctro blinder and was the track that really got me blogging

    It's here for download if you fancy doing the double.

  6. Whoops it's here actually

  7. Bah! Humbug!

    It's in my August postings

  8. Ally - the Mrs says 'You have to be 12 years old to wear them'.

    Mondo - perhaps a little lie down..?

  9. Last go - honest

    That should do it

  10. Oh, just look at Phil! The asymmetrically floppy hair! Those cling-film jeans! AND THOSE OMIGAWD HEELS!!!!


    Personally Being Boiled is my fave track. I mean, who else could write such an archly stark ditty about silkworms? Boiled alive for some god's stocking, indeed!

  11. Hard Times/Love Action now posted over at my place.

  12. Davy, I have spotted the conspiracy between you and planet mondo to ensure you get a record number of comments on your post, your name is Chalky White and I claim my £5.
    Best League: for me, it's 'Seconds' (why don't we co0ntinue this theme of classic B-sides?)


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