Saturday, October 13, 2007

Et Pour Le Grand-Duché de Luxembourg...

Mais oui - it's the lovely Vicky Leandros.

Someone for whom I know a few of you still carry une petite torche...

This was her first Eurovision entry for Luxembourg, in 1967 - the year Sandie Shaw won for the UK with 'Puppet On A String'.

Vicky came 4th; but as I'm sure even Sandie would agree, this was the better song - and it went on to be a huge international hit, and one of the most covered Eurovision songs of all time. So there.

Do you like Vicky in that dress? I do. But I may have to have a little lie down now, for a while....

Vicky Leandros - 'L'Amour Est Bleu' (1967)


  1. I have an older brother with a Vicky Leandros obsession so I grew up having to listen to this stuff. You should see the lavish packaging some of her German records come in. Not just 'mit poster' but huge books with that tracing paper between the pages so they don't stick together. Apparently she still sing to large crowds over there. Anyway, if you want an obscure Vicky recording I'm your man ;)

    btw I'm sure Sandie Shaw would agree about the relative merits if the songs. I've always understood she can't stand Puppet.

  2. Thanks for this, Davy: absolutely gorgeous (so is the record).
    I think we've had this discussion before, hence the reference, n'est-ce pas?

  3. I always loved her 72 Eurovision "Come What May". But at the time, being a teenager who had recently discovered Bowie and too image conscious by half, I would never admit it.

    btw - I had to have a lie down just now after paying way too much attention to some Freda Payne lp covers!

  4. Yes, Sandie is on record as hating 'Puppet', though exorcised the demons earlier this year when she did this. Vicky 'mit tissue paper' eh? Nice.

    We have indeed had this discussion here before Steve, yes: so perhaps like Darce I need more bromide in my tea...

  5. i'd never flipping heard of her so i shall save this as a special treat to go with a litle something around 11ish

  6. I remember her - in an aged 11 'Mmmmm why are my short pants bulging?' kinda way.

    She smoulders in that picture like the Mona Lisa sat on a radiator following a trip to the Co-op in early December Brittany.


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