Friday, October 26, 2007

Queeny Strop

I've read more than a couple of posts lately - and I honestly can't remember where, such was the trauma I experienced - that have seriously argued the David Gray cover of this is superior to the original. This seems to me to be somewhat analogous to suggesting that Jordan could do 'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' better than Dusty (oh christ, I hope this doesn't get the bloody idea out there), Jack Vettriano paints nicer than Goya and 'Hamlet' could well benefit from a rewrite by Dan Brown.

Young people, watch my sad old chapped lips: Marc Almond is a GENIUS DIVA; David Gray is a noddy-headed Van Morrison-lite for Mail On Sunday readers.

Sort yourselves out.

Soft Cell - 'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye' (1982)


  1. Dear God, No! Not that I’ve heard it but I don’t need to do I? I bet it’s right up there with that awful version of Mad World someone did a few years back. And he does that annoying wobbly head thing!

    This is another of those early 80’s songs that got a really good 12” treatment. In fact all the Soft Cell 12-inchers up to and including Torch were great. You’ve probably got them but if not drop me a line.

  2. LOL! Hear! Hear! Old boy.

    Saw him with Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra some years back at The Cliffs Pavilion, Southend (Rock 'n' Roll, I know). Fantastic (and surprisingly) strong live voice.

    David Gray is truly dreadful (apart from Babylon...)


  3. Obviously we should be tracking down these people and then strap headphones to there ears anmd play 'Metal Machine Music' on repeat for the rest of eternity.

    I cannot begin to explain my contempt for David Gray or anyone who listens to his 'music'.

  4. Non Stop Analogous Cabaret is an overlooked gem, the 12" ers are some of the best from the time (League,ABC even some of early Spandex Ballet are top too)

    David Gray is the John Major of rock. Dido being the Norma to his anonymous plod
    (Sharon and Ozzy are the Maggie and Dennis of Rock including the Kids
    Daughter - media busy body
    Son - outdoor lout)

    Anyone who argues in support of any DG song is the sound of someone reversing themselves even further down the road of reasonable discussion.

    SHWG has put me in the mood for The The's Uncertain Smile - anyone planning to upload it soon

  5. Planet Mondo - check this link. It's still live.

  6. It's time I outed myself (the shame of it all). I have all David Gray's CDs. And Dido's. But I still agree with Davy (even though I don't read The Mail On Sunday): David's version of this song is bollocks.
    PS Is anybody still talking to me?

  7. FESTIVE FIFTY BLOGGER IS SHOCK DIDO/GRAY FAN - Full Story Pages 3, 4, 5 & 7...

  8. national service that'd sort the buggers out. a spell with a concert party maybe.
    i despair sometimes i really do.

  9. Public humiliation is a terrible thing :-(.
    'Maybe Lord Melchett would like to whip me naked through the streets of Aberdeen as well?'
    'Nonsense, Blackadder. Aylesbury's quite far enough.'

  10. Nobody can trash it up like a queeny straight man as well as marc does in this song. I think that cover version is horrid. In fact I'd be tempted to give 'any soft cell songs' a punt onto that 'what shouldn't be covered' list that Ally was doing.


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