Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You Can Call Her Bettye

I'm posting on the fly this week as my girlies are home for the half term holidays and our days are jamborees of museums, parks, pizzas and cinema trips; or at least they would be if we could get our sorry selves out of bed in the morning (it's dark).

But I certainly can't let the birthday of Bettye Swann go by unannounced; she's been one of my all-time fave soul singers ever since I heard her cover of Aaron Neville's 'Tell It Like It Is' on an old Stateside compilation and tracked down more of her stuff in the dear old lost and much lamented record stores of Camden Town.

This anthology came out a couple of years back and is an absolute corker if you like your soul Southern and your singing effortlessly warm and pure. I heartily commend it to you - and wish the former Ms Betty Jean Champion many happy returns of the day. She's special.

Now, about those tickets for 'Ratatouille'...

Bettye Swann- 'Tell It Like It Is' (1968)
Bettye Swann - 'Cover Me' (1969)
Bettye Swann - 'Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)' (1969)

[Whatever became of Bettye Swann? Read Tim Tooher's CD sleeve notes here]


  1. That'll be me ordering this one up today then.

    Funnily I've been buzzing on the corking Candi Staton comp'- 'Candi Staton' lately

    She's been done wrong in every song

    'Heart On A String' is the tune I'm loving and looping

  2. Excellent! I only had one Betty Swann song (Kiss My Love Gooodbye) so this is a real treat. I'm also doing the half term thing - Mrs Mick took the easy option and went to work.

  3. I first got into her after hearing her 'Tell It Like It Is' on an old Stateside comp too. Was it the one with Swann on one side and Bettye Lavette on the other?

    It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it.

  4. Thanks for posting this. It's just gorgeous.

  5. MB - bless you. She's a great singer isn't she?

    Mondo - my first Bettye vinyl was a Stateside two-fer with Candi Staton on t'other side. Not unlike Lee's by the sound of it...(and oh, yes, she done got wronged; but I believe that is obligatory).

    Lee - my sampler was a various artists jobbie called 'What's Happening Stateside'. I wouldn't want to paint that small world either, but I might manage the town.

    Mick - I know! And it's only WEDNESDAY!!!

  6. Oh yes! We (the royal) love Bettye just as we love Candi.

    I've got that sampler too. Without digging it out I think it featured the Bettye/Candi album on the cover but no sign of Candi on the sampler. Not unusual, I have another Black Music compilation that lists a Candi track on the cover but no sign of her on the vinyl itself. Rick Hall was notorious for refusing to lease Fame tracks apparently.

  7. i only knew tell it like it is too but now i'm off to to town for a good old record trawl with swanny on the top of my list.
    i wonder if she sings any jolly ones or is it pain and misery the whole weekend?
    and will it be a good soundtrack to trying to make a cardboard empire state building?

  8. I already knew Aaron Neville's version, but this is lush: and the other two songs are no slouches either. Thumbs up mate!

  9. Da nada Stevie boy.

    Can anyone suggest some suitable music for Miss Ally's taxing construction work? I'm stuck at the obvious 'Empire State Human' I'm afraid.

  10. Well, since you ask:
    'Love Goes To Building On Fire', Talking Heads: and
    'Empire Song', Killing Joke. Will that do?

  11. My wife just came up with Housemartins, 'Build'.

  12. Nice. And perhaps 'The House That Jack Built' by Aretha, to keep it soulful like.


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