Saturday, October 06, 2007

In The Beginning

I remember just two LPs. They stood leaning against the side of my parents' 'radiogram' in the front room we only sat in on Sundays and they were the copy of The Beatles' 'Help!' my 17 year old brother left behind when he went to join the Navy, and The Seekers 'Come The Day'.

Later, my Mum & Dad bought 'The Very Best Of The Seekers' too.

When I hear this music now I am instantly three again – and nothing else does that, except maybe the smell of real (pre-'smokeless') coal fires coming out of chimneys on a cold winter night.

I think I am still in love with Judith Durham, by the way.

The Seekers - 'I'll Never Find Another You' (1965)

Thanks for all the kind comments to 'Blub' x


  1. And what about Georgy Girl. A song full of joy and one of the all time great whistling songs. A tragically ignored sub-genre, that ….

  2. Roger Whittaker?

    You're right though. I really can't find the words to describe how much I love 'Georgy Girl'. Ally put it in her 'Summer Mix' too. In the middle of all these very cool 60s soul and rocksteady tracks, it held its own, I can tell you.

    Tom Springfield, composer.

  3. How about, 'Songs Based On Russian Folksongs'? This group's 'The Carnival Is Over' and Mary Hopkins' 'Those Were The Days' spring instantly to mind.

  4. Or even 'Les Temps Des Fleurs' by Vicky Leandros

  5. Similar 60s Seeker recollections from me too old boy ... Alongside our 'teak' radiogram (which doubled up into a splendid piece of kitsch furniture) stood one of those ashtrays on a metal stand with a press button on the top. (In a game of I-Spy aged 4, I asked them to name 'something beginning with CM'. After 15 minutes of painful guessing, I announced that the answer was 'Cig Masher').

    And within a sparse yet hugely influential celtic-tinged record collection with The Dubliners et al, sat a proud (if Watneys Red Barrel stained) copy of 'Come The Seekers'.

    I still blubber when hearing the mighty 'Carnival Is Over' which Judith Durham sang to her husband as he died of Cancer in more recent times.

    Sorry, I seem to have gone on a bit! Funny how it just needs a song to re-open these memory banks.

    Great post.

  6. I found our 7" single of 'another you' when I was sorting through some of my dad's old records a while back - it's magic.

  7. Lovely - old EMI label?

    There's a terrific promo film of this here by the way.

    I tried to post it, but there were gremlins in the works.

  8. PS: If 'Cig Masher' isn't a hardcore surfpunk combo, it should be.

  9. my dear old pal jeremy from quality exmouth market record establishment brill was singing the seekers praises last time we were there and i've still not got round to tracking any down. i shall try extra hard now

  10. and very very scarily that's my mum you're in love with (i didn't know she was secretly a pop/folk star neither)...
    oh my good gawd

  11. I SAY! - well HELLO Ally's Mum ding dong


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