Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Coming Of Samhain

Ah yes, Samhain (pronounced sow-inn) - the ancient Celtic festival of the taking in of the harvest and the preparation for the dark time; the last marker of summer's end and the onset of winter; the time when we pay our respects to those who have come before us, for although we are living and they are dead, the line that divides us is fine and the fabric of the world is weak.

Another perfectly decent pagan festival relating to our position as people on the Earth and in Time, co-opted first by those pesky Christians and then by those who build the great cathedrals to the god of shopping; and ye shall know him as the Lord Walmart and ye shall bow at his cash-till and weep...

Nick Drake - 'Harvest Breed' (1972)
Neil Young - 'Harvest Moon' (MTV Unplugged version) (1993)

OK, relax. We'll do some ghosty posts tomorrow.


  1. Harvest Moon is a great one for guitar beginners. Harvest Breed isn't.

    Can't wait to see what's up the ol' Wizards sleeve for tomorrow.

    I've got a trilogy of terror over on

    Nosferatu and Bauhaus yesterday
    Children of the Stones and The Damned today and a couple of other nuggets tomorrow

  2. Bela Lugosi's not dead chez Mondo eh?


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