Monday, October 08, 2007


Evidently Those In The Know have been aware of this track for ages but since I am clearly Not In The Know I am afraid that it has only just come to my attention - and then only thanks to my good friend Dr. Al.

I find it a hoot - and strangely life-affirming.

According to Wiki there's a little Aerosmith via Eminem in the 'mash' too, aside from the obvious Travis/Oasis/Green Day. Always like a grating of nutmeg myself.

Party Ben - 'Boulevard Of Broken Songs' (2004)

[Lots more of this sort of thing to download at Party Ben's site, where he also reveals that he used the Eminem because he didn't have any actual Aerosmith and couldn't get any off iTunes. Bless].


  1. Hey Grandad, you've edited this post to remove references to your 'out of touchness'. Don't feel bad, until i started surfing this interwebby thing I had never heard of such genres as C86 and Shoegazing and I still don't really know what emo is. Sadly, I'm not joking.


  2. Damn! Someone READS this!

    Actually, I thought if you were Young and Hip as I originally wrote, you probably wouldn't be listening to mash ups of Oasis and Travis...

    And I would have got away with the rewrite if it hadn't a been for you meddling kids.

  3. PS: I have it on good authority that Emo is a character in Sesame Street.

  4. Isn't Emo the american comedian with wardrobe by Mothercare and haircut by Mary Quant

    Have a nosey at the american station indie 103 they used to do a mashup of the day. Most were average but they did pop the occasional cracker. Like, Yazoo Don't Go over Jumping Jack Flash

    A couple of the bizarre booty's from the Mondo Mashup library are

    Sgt. Pepper's Paradise;
    Beatles over Guns n Roses Paradise City.

    Beyonce and The Lurkers

    Madison Ave Don't Call Me.../Boredom - The Buzzcocks

    Sigue Sigue Sputnik vs Crass with George Bush

    Eminem Without Me over The Theme from Fools and Horses

  5. Does the Eminem/Only Fools And Horses mash-up go 'You put a pony in your pocket MUTHAFUCKA!' by any chance?


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