Monday, October 08, 2007


STOP PRESS: 'A Japanese teenager has won the Rubik's Cube World Championships in Hungary's capital, Budapest, taking less than 13 seconds to finish the cult 80s puzzle' [BBC News]

Sheesh. I've had mine 25 piggin' years and I still can't bloody well do it.


  1. Do a search for rubik's cube on You Tube and you get page after page of 'How To...', 'watch me solve the cube in 6 minutes', a man who solves a cube with his nose, animation of a rubik's cube...but not the one I was looking for: in 'Not The Nine O'Clock News', Griff Rhys Jones is in the jungle and complaining that the sound (of what you assume to be crickets) is driving him mad, only for him to pull back the bushes and reveal some natives playing with Rubik's.
    You had to be there.

  2. Funny thing, the human brain. I could finish the Rubik's Cube when I was about 11 or 12, but trying again all these years later it's all I can do to complete one side. Ooph, there go another 1000 brain cells!

  3. How do you do that, Davy? i.e. put a link inside a comment? if it's HTML, I'll need graphic instructions, as I'm a dunce where that's concerned.

  4. Not telling.

    Only kidding. Have emailed you the sexy solution at your Google address.


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