Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Post For My Dad

It's my Dad's birthday today. He is an incredible 84 years old (I know! - they had me late).
One day I'll tell you a whole bunch of stories about my Dad; how he's a war hero (no really - twice!) - all that.

Tonight though I just wanted to post something for him. Not that he reads blogs, or knows I have one. Or knows what one is. Or has a computer. Or knows how to turn a computer on, frankly....


My Dad plays music constantly. He walks into a room - usually on returning from a pub - and he turns music on. I do the same. If some music's on, then the room's alive. It's home. You put the lights on afterwards; that's a secondary consideration.

And I was thinking 'What music would Dad put on the blog on his birthday?' and struggled a little because for Dad (unlike for me) music is a kind of background thing. Soothing, warm, nice - but NOT SOMETHING YOU'D WRITE STUFF ABOUT.

But I think this man has never been 'background' to him. I think that if such things figured in his world, this man would be his All Time Favourite Artist. Certainly, Dad introduced him to me, when I was about four years old. And I love him very much too.

And so....happy birthday DavyH senior. You daft old git.

Nat 'King' Cole - 'Unforgettable' (1951)


  1. I was saving for this for a Funky Friday but in celebration of Dads, Nat King Cole, Young'uns and having a couple of soothing sips I'll tip my hat and reveal this treat

  2. Reeling from the shock of admitting that I like David Gray and Dido, I also love Nat's music, especially 'Stardust': Terry Wogan picked this on 'Desert Island Discs' and I've adored it ever since.

  3. That's a lovely clip Mondo. And abolutely yes, 'Stardust'...WHAT a beautiful song (Hoagy Carmichael).

    There's a wonderful Sinatra version on this where he sings only the verse, leaving that great anticipated chorus just hanging in our imaginations...

  4. It's hard not to be influenced by your Dad's musical tastes. It's the reason I have Jim Reeves and Hank Williams records tucked away in my collection.

  5. Influence indeed. It's why I know all the words to 'roll out the barrel' and 'my old man', and so on...

  6. Davy - beautiful. Hope you don't mind, but...

  7. *wipes tear*
    It's Happy Birthday O'Clock!


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