Friday, February 08, 2008

The 90s CD Singles Rummage # 5 - The Bluetones

By popular demand....The Bluetones first single from 1995, reissued in this format in early 96 after the success of 'Bluetonic' and a cracking guitar-pop record that reached a rather spectacular number 2 position in the UK singles chart.

The kind of song you played over and over again when you first bought and felt the need to evangelise about to others.

Indeed, there was a big buzz about these guys at the time; NME hack hysteria and widespread plaudits for the seriously melodious debut album, which rather charmingly opened with the sound of jets roaring in to Heathrow Airport (the band are from Hounslow).

Nice. And they're still going too.

The Bluetones - 'Slight Return' (1995)
The Bluetones - 'Don't Stand Me Down' (1996)
The Bluetones - 'Nae Hair On't' (1996)


  1. All this 90's rummagery has got me in the mood for dusting off this cracking comp over the weekend

    Precious - Dino Records


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