Friday, February 15, 2008

Rise Again

An exciting new era begins here today, er possibly, for I have at last worked out how to 'rip' vinyl to MP3. So I'll be up to the loft in a minute to have a dusty rummage for those lost 12 inch singles...

This one has definitely not been gathering dust under my drafty eaves however, oh no, but resting safe and sound and grime and heat-proofed in my nice shiny silver record box, for it is a treasure.

I worked with a guy once who was crazy, crazy into early House music when most of us were still listening to the Jesus & Mary Chain; he did me a tape (of course) and this was the first thing on it and I loved it from the moment I heard it. I went straight out and bought it.

Do all great dance records need an inner core of heartbreak? Oh I think so. I gotta dance to keep from crying after all. And like the man said, the blues is about getting outside of the blues. And House came from disco, and disco was made for people who knew all about heartache and hard times and getting glammed up on a Friday and Saturday night and hitting the floor to forget them both.

I bloody love this record - can't fault any of it, but the stunning vocal from Billie Ray Martin deserves a special mention.

Sure nuff your Friday night starts here.

Electribe 101 - 'Tell Me When The Fever Ended' (12") (1989)


  1. If the Ghosty blog wasn't bursting at belt with enough goodies already - your bringing out the Ferrero Rocher format of records - that'll be me off to Maplin to buy extra storage in advance this weekend then.

  2. Ah, bless. Actually Mond I've just checked and I seem only to have a handful that are 'Ooh, Ambassador!' standard - but I've some nice old crackly soul and jazz LPs and a lot of pesky 7 inchers that look ripe for the rippin' though...

  3. There's a part of me would like any vinyl rips to have the sound of the needle hitting the groove, and the sound of it lifting off at the run-out, with extra crackles. Just for nostalgia's sake.

    I do miss 7"ers. Especially b-sides, and even more especially if they were better than the a-side.

    But I don't know if I really miss vinyl. All that snap, crackle and pop; and scratches.scratches.scratches....

    Ruined the mood of several teenage seductions I can tell ya.

  4. Simon, I'm going to drink me some wine, cook me some tea and then come back here and post a) a 7" that is also b) a B side and, Mick, c) live. It has also only ever been released on a CD of the original single (no album)...And it's from 1977...and it's one for the boys...Guesses?

  5. I should emphasise - 'for the boys' as in noisy and boozy, not in the Mondo sense...

  6. "A fave rave bit of motown" perhaps?....


  7. BASTARDO! You WIN! Here soon..

    By the way, I hope someoneout there is enjoying the Electribe 101, for 'tis glorious...


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