Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I'm a bit buried in work right now. And I've gone all tiredy.

This is a shame because I wanted to tell you all about going to the King Tut exhibition at the Dome on Saturday and seeing John Cooper Clark on the Jubilee Line on the way home. Also the Bruce Thomas book I've been reading which is a very funny and barely fictionalised account of his touring America with The Attractions and their nameless 'Singer' (until it goes all weird and quasi-'profound' at the end). But I've no time and less energy - I am a toiling lackey (I need the cash).

So then....something I've been enjoying of late to tide you over here from Burial (do you see what I did there?) about whose album I believe you need to say - "It's Massive Attack's Blue Lines for the dub-step generation" (don't ask me, I only read that somewhere).

Burial - 'Ghost Hardware' (2007)
Ciao and here's to Friday x


  1. i do like people putting crackles on their records - top headnodding stuff . i feel all modern. which is handy cos i'm to that shoreditch for a haircut. i'm trying not to think about it.

  2. Are you now a vision of loveliness?

  3. i had a slight trim so am as haggard and saggy as i was before but with slightly shorter hair. and shoreditch has lost something i think. i popped in the bricklayers for a small something and it was horrid - there's a hint of covent garden creeping in , like it's just been given up to the mob. and loads of graffiti haas been boxed in to protect it. bizarre.

  4. Good this, innit! Have somehow managed to download twice before (I know, we have had this conversation)...




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