Thursday, February 21, 2008

Break Spotter Blog Tennis - Second Set

Brave Mistress Ally's been out there in all weathers pluckily break-spotting for us this week with only her hard-boiled egg sandwiches and lemon squash to keep her company, and gawd bless her she's reminded me, as if I needed it, that De La Soul's Three Feet High & Rising is a happy hip-hoppy corker and no mistake. I'm not persuaded to buy any Hall & Oates though, but perhaps that's as it should be.

This is one from the loft.

I liked it then because it was a kind of hip-hop love song, and so - unusual. Still do, for similar reasons. I understand it is now, like, Old Skool rare, and so kickin', ILL - know wot I meeean??

There's a Ghost Of Electricity Virtual Big Gold Badge going out to the first of you who can name the sample (but no the end of the day, you're only cheating yourself).

King Sun-D.Moet - 'Hey Love' (1987)


  1. Well if memory serves it was Moments in Love by Art of Noise. The strange thing is I remember being quite tolerant of this record back in the day but I really hate it now. My hip-hop tolerance has obviously nosedived over the years.

  2. Hmm. I only vaguely remember that tune. But the sample is fairly unmistakable. Moments In Love by Art Of Noise. Burned into my mind because Capital Radio here in London used to run a late night request show for lovers back in the 80s, and that was the backing music while the DJ read out the requests.


  3. heh, mick wasn't here a minute ago!

  4. It's a photo finish but Mick wins by a nose (and 1 second on the clock). Well done 'boyz'.

    By the way, I understand increased hip-hop intolerance with ageing is a relatively common occurrence, usually linked with having to take a pee several times in the night and spending most Saturdays in B&Q.

  5. bugger - i thought i'd calmed down and now deep from a murderous hangover i've got to drag my sorry ass to the record pile for a delphonics tune. you know it's in there - now where's my prize?


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