Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Friday Night! They Think It's Moroder!! is now.

Donna Summer - 'I Feel Love' (12" version) (1977)

From the year, as Mondo has rightly pointed out, that also gave us Star Wars, skateboards, 'God Save The Queen' and, may I add, the mighty Saturday Night Fever.

Your Friday night really does start here you know.


  1. And the oscar for post title of the year goes to....

  2. I genuinely think this track is just as hostorically important as any of the sex pistols tracks from the same year, though I appreciate I may be in the minority on that one...


  3. And also (I'm no footie fan but..) it was the year Admiral kit designs ruled the world and as a consequence, my Panini(?)sticker book.

    The 77 shirt here one being of my faves, red for away and brown for 2nd away

    I'm with Crash - that's got be the snappiest caption of 08.

  4. I was quite pleased with it, but obviously will try not to let it go to my fabulous head.

    Ed - you are so not in the minority - for we believe in the power of electro-disco big time over here boy, oh yes x

  5. Thats is the best version without the Patrick Cowley fiddly diddles and it hasn't dated one bit - but, the future never goes out of date

  6. Wise words Mr Bond. Are you sure we cannot tempt you to stay for dinner?

  7. Filthy mare!

    Ah yes 1977 also gave us ... Brotherhood Of Man. I saw the blonde one come out of her mum's block of flats in Leeds. I was 14 and afflicted by instantaneous erections. I hid it with my Parker. I wanted to run away with her - like in Angelo.

    Sorry .. been in the beer fridge all night.

  8. Perhaps now at last your chance has come? According to their lovely website "They are
    constantly in demand to appear in Concert, Cabaret, TV, Conference, Seventies Galas etc". Can't see that a mere 'conference' can offer more than your beautifully appointed shed...

  9. Well that's annoying. I had this lined up for my first multi tune post, an electro-disco pop lovefest that joined the dots between this, Prince, Soft Cell, Human League, New Order, Pulp and Goldfrapp.

    Still a Prince/Soft Cell post may just happen. Sex Dwarf anyone?

  10. Oh, and sorry, beer clouded commenting: Great title, fantastic tune!

  11. bugger - i missed the perfect opportunity to get those spangly spandex pants out. maybe if i wait till tonight...

  12. Davey
    Thanks for the 'retha track it's delish, and perfect for a Christmas postie too.

    Have you heard this funky nugget - Brotherhood of Man's northern soul stomper from 71 'Reach Out Your Hand'?

    The audio is here

    I've loads of this sorta nonsense including Grotbags from Rod Hull and Emus Caberet Disco goodie 'A Little Bit Of Love'

  13. Mmmm .. Planet M,

    We seem to be mixing our Brotherhood eras a tad? Not those 'United We Stand' lovelies but,
    I mean the Second Coming, acid-driven, poodle-permed, Euro-frenzied, Wheeltappers & Shunters Abba; dressed by Jason King and choreography by Heather McCartney, supergroup from '76 - to this very day (thanks Davy!). I may have a Figaro renaissance Convention in the shed with a Mateus Rose and a defrosted plastic forked Black Forest Gateux.

    As they may say on the Presedential bandwagon, The world is always in need of a Brotherhood Of Man in any form it can get.

    Hug each other to this (while I have a moment with the blonde one)...

  14. Great clip - the blonde one in B.O.M always reminded me of the blonde one from Guys and Dolls.

    Here's a great album for some same period Wheeltappers & Shunters soul

  15. Guys n Dolls - that'll be Bruce Forsyth's daughter. (Adopts old lady voice), 'It's his birthday. He's 80 you know. Ooo he looks well on it. Must be all that money."

    Sorry Davy, we seem to have hi-jacked the Donna Summer connection. (You started the madness with the whacky title).

  16. Hey, no, really, you boys carry on. Feel free. I'm off to Dick's shed for another beer.

  17. David Bowie tells a story of when he was recording the 'Heroes' album Brian Eno came into the studio with a record he was excitedly claiming to be the future of music - it was "I Feel Love"


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