Friday, February 15, 2008

An Old Fave Rave

So... The Clash had reggae and The Jam had soul....and in the face of what I would imagine (and you can partly hear) was a not entirely Tamla Motown-supportive crowd at the 100 Club in September 1977, the band let rip with the old soul numbers as encore.

What it lacks in the finesse of Ms D. Ross and Mr A. Conley it attempts to make up for in sheer old gutsy working class Surrey, er...SPUNK.

In short, 'here's a tune you might know'...

The Jam - 'Sweet Soul Music/Back In My Arms Again/Bricks & Mortar' (live at the 100 Club 11.09.77)


  1. Live? Vinyl? B-side? My Lawyers are looking into this...

  2. So sue me. I did credit ya (see last post comments) x

  3. I can't. I ripped the idea off JC.

  4. Bloody hell! I haven't heard this in years; not since my turntable died a death. I've replaced every bit of Jam vinyl, including the freebie that came with Snap! (get yourself together...what a tune...) but this is the one side I don't have. 'here's a tune you might know' indeed!

    The Jam were and still are the best example of how 7"s ruled! I loved the b-sides as much and in some cases more than the a's.

    Ah memories; boating blazers and Jam shoes; going to Merc to buy dodgy singles by even dodgier bands; getting chased by dodgy flick fringed blokes in Farahs and loafers....

  5. No really, that is such a treat to hear that again; that version of Back In My Arms Again is actually a really good version. I just wish Bricks And Mortar went on a bit longer....

    Thank You!!


  6. i wish he'd stopped doing covers while he was doing them well - it was down hill from here on in

  7. Ally makes me smile.

    That Snap freebie is brilliant (*makes list for next week*). 'Here's a tune you might now' was a favourite intro of his though - I expected 'in the city' to come on!


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